Lisa's Coaching Philosophy

"I really believe my athletes determine their success. I can only guide them, offer a glimpse of what is possible...but knowing what is possible is everything! Everyone has talent, but the question is: What does it take to maximize it? From a coach's perspective, it requires a unique approach for each athlete. Combining common sense and a careful application of scientific training methods will yield results. From the athlete's perspective, they need to commit to following their plan as well as rely on their relationship with me - the coach - to guide them towards our goals. After all, the athlete's goal is my goal..."
Lisa Keller - Head Coach

"Previous to taking the Basic GNT Clinic in 2004, I had participated in 5 Gold Nugget Triathlons. In 2004, I improved in every part of the triathlon - 297 places in the swim, 191 places in the bike, 406 places for the run and 316 places overall! My 2004 Gold Nugget was the first time I was PROUD of my performance, instead of just saying I had completed the event."

Cheryl Campbell - Multisport Training of Alaska client


Group Coaching Plans
Gain the benefits of having a coach direct your workouts while enjoying the camaraderie of your fellow athletes. Groups meet at scheduled times. See what sessions are coming up!

Individual Coaching Plans
For the ultimate in personalized coaching, Multisport Training of Alaska can craft an individualized training plan designed to maximize your athletic potential. Train under the careful guidance of your own coach and get direct feedback concerning your progress. Prices depend on the level of support requested.

Internet Coaching Plans
For athletes desiring the professional coaching services of Alaska Multisport Training but unable to participate in the other plans, this option allows for a personalized plan to meet your athletic goals. Your progress is monitored via email or telephone. Prices depend on level of support requested.


Training Groups
Training Groups are a fantastic way to stay motivated, have fun, and get a great workout. All groups include a wide range of abilities from beginner to advanced and can be adapted to address training needs. Even if you are not training to race, you will improve your fitness and abilities by working in a group.  
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